I'm an actress in Los Angeles, sharing my Lessons Learned along the way.

IMG_0849What made you write a blog, Tiwana?

In 2012, I had an inspired thought occur, while meditating, I receive great ideas during meditation; the thought was to create a blog called, Acting lessons Learned. The lessons I’ve learned and still learning on my acting journey.

I told my career coach about this idea, she cheered me on. Then I purchased the domain name and that was it, no further action. I stopped myself because I didn’t think people would want to hear what I had to say about this topic. I mean, who did I think I was to begin a blog? And, I knew that my grammar and punctuation had taken a turn for the questionable in this 140 character world. But, Eff It! The older I get, the more I want to conquer my fears. If not now, when?

Fast-forward 2 years later, while taking a Social Media Marketing course at Santa Monica College, one of the final projects was to create a blog. I didn’t know that when I registered for the course. Providence will always lead you to what you are supposed to be doing. This blog is an honest commentary of personal experiences from my acting journey, past and present. I’ll admit, it’s mostly a selfish, cathartic way for me to document how far I’ve come to remind myself to keep going. I chose this journey, I have no regrets, sometimes it’s rewarding, sometimes it’s a kick in the ass when I’m already on the ground.

No apologies. No Regrets. Here it is.

I hope you’ll subscribe and experience my life as an actor.

3 thoughts on “Who is this chick?

  1. PaMela says:

    I so enjoyed your story and found encouragement and enlightenment in your journey of becoming consistent in your acting. You helped to reassure me that I can make a living as a career voice actress. Thank you.

    1. Tiwana says:

      Hello PaMela,
      Thank yo for reading.
      And yes, you can!

  2. All the best lady. I am cheering for you.

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